Charlie's Custom Tours Puerto Rico

Charlie’s Custom Tours (CCTPR) – is a family-run business providing unique and comfortable transportation and private tours/excursions throughout the main island of Puerto Rico. Passionate about what we do, our goal is to give you a complete reveal of Puerto Rico so that you don’t miss anything! Catering to your every need, We will be your hosts, guaranteeing the utmost pampering and the biggest bang for your buck!

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This...

Think of Puerto Rico

Think of Puerto Rico as being the ‘stationary cruise ship’ of the Caribbean; a complete. A tropical treasure chest in the USA’s own backyard with five Porta’s (gateways) to fun in the sun.

Island of Enchantment

Come and discover this idyllic ‘Island of Enchantment’ blessed with more sunny days than not. Even on a rainy day there’s plenty to see and do!

Big Guy Upstairs…

We give thanks to the ‘big guy upstairs’ every day, for providing us with the opportunity to create memories for you to cherish, along with the making of new friends and putting smiles on every face. We have the entire island as our office and it couldn’t be better.


Puerto Rico has deep historical and cultural roots. D, discovered by Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to Las Americas on the 19th of November 1493 If you have a few minutes, go to these links where you will find loads of useful information: