Welcome to Puerto Rico – Mi Casa es tu Casa
A hidden GEM in America’s own backyard

I’m Carlos Medina and already over half-a-century old– boy, how time flies when you are having fun!

Born and raised in NY and for the last 20 years a resident of Puerto Rico. I’ve come to notice the many misconceptions of first-time visitors to Puerto Rico. Language is one; English is widely spoken and shouldn’t be an issue. It’s my humble opinion that Puerto Rico a tropical treasure chest in the USA’s own backyard. I’ve traveled all around the Caribbean and come to realize we’ve got it all here, along with a few amazing extras – that’s how Charlie’s Custom Tours began…

The love affair

I fell in love with the island at a very early age. My parents made it a point to ship my brother Jimmy and me to Puerto Rico to spend our summer vacations with our grandparents. This practice deeply instilled the language and cultural aspects of Puerto Rico in both of us – most likely our parents had alterior motives but it was fine by us. Jimmy still lives in NY and comes down to visit us but after living in NY for 30 years, there’s something about the cold weather that just doesn’t motivate me to visit him!

I volunteered and served in the US Army during 1977-1980. For me, it was a great experience and I’d recommend serving as an option to all young men and women who haven’t quite decided what their future holds.

When the bubble popped in 2008, and after being cooped up in an office for 25 years, I left my job in financial services with my 401K and took the leap.

The CCTPR experience

My wife Denise and I are excursion fanatics when we’re on vacation. We don’t mind too much the commute of getting to a particular event or attraction; it’s all part of the fun but in most cases, it’s the dreaded trip back to the hotel or cruise ship that can ruin the day experience. That’s where CCTPR comes in, providing a luxury custom built vehicle affording comfort above and beyond the call of duty, everlasting memories to cherish and wonderful experiences.

Carlitos (son), a fine young man…my partner in fun…did two tours in Afghanistan. We partnered up after his first deployment but he was then redeployed. As a father, I could not be prouder he’s the closet thing I can come to cloning my self. Now he’s back in the saddle again and doing great. I provided him with the basics and I believe he’ll keep running with the ball, after all, when you love what you do you never have to work again!

A home away from home

My motto is “Puerto Rico your home away from home”; after having a great time and feel like you are leaving a friend behind, I know I have succeeded in creating memories to cherish and when planning your next vacation I hope you’ll throw Puerto Rico and me back into your bucket of choices, or tell family and friends that I’ll take good care of them too.

We hope you enjoy reading through the website and at the same time you will pick up a few ideas to take into account when choosing Puerto Rico – Isla Del Encanto – Island of  Enchantment… your next vacation destination.

Our Coqui

The Puerto Rican coquí is a very small – tiny – tree frog about one inch long. The coquíes begin to sing when the sun goes down at dusk. Their melody serenades islanders to sleep. Coquíes sing all night long until dawn, and they are also part of the inspiration behind our brand new logo for Charlie’s Custom Tours in Puerto Rico!