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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me more about your transportation?

Absolutely – Charlie I & Charlie II (as they are affectionately known) are custom extended Ford Tuscany EXECU-TRANS LE 250 high top limo vans. Pure workhorses, they are equipped with the latest gadgets: 19″ HDTV with front driver viewing, five USB charging ports, hands-free PA system, DVD, Wi-Fi, window shades, individual reading lights, 5 reclining captain chairs and reclining rear sofa to seat three guests. We’ve thought of everything!

How many people can you accommodate in a tour party

The Charlie vans can accommodate up to 8 passengers each with light luggage, along with one infant of 20 to 40lbs or a toddler of 40 to 80lbs and a booster chair. If you are able to take 2 steps we can fit a mini scooter or a wheelchair in the rear of the van. We can provide a wheelchair if necessary.  A cooler with bottled water, refreshments and snacks is also included.

What are your tour rates?

Our rates are per hour (not per person) at $75.00 per hour.

We can accommodate up to eight (8) passengers and have a minimum booking time of 4 hours per vehicle.

Please be advised that a four (4) hour minimum booking will limit us to old & new San Juan or the immediate vicinity of the San Juan metro area.

Do you require a deposit to secure the booking?

We do not require a deposit, but we do require credit card information at the time of booking.

Please call +1-787-648-1912 to put your credit card details on file (for security purposes please do not send your credit card details via the contact form on this website or via email).

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations made within 72 hours of your tour date will levy a two hour minimum fee ($150 minimum booking fee + local tax + credit card fees = $172.50 per vehicle). We are a small family business and to keep the business going it’s crucial that we execute our tours.

What do I need to bring with me?

We suggest comfortable clothing/footwear, sun protection and if you’re booking an excursion where you’re looking to get wet, a light change of clothing for the trip back. We will provide towels, light refreshments (chips, water etc) but we do not provide alcoholic beverages (though we will make sure a six pack of the local brew will be in the cooler). Finally, don’t forget your camera (but rest assured we’ll be taking plenty of pictures we can share with you too) and lots of enthusiasm!

Can we take both Charlie I and Charlie II to El Yunque?

Unfortunately since the devastating blow handed by hurricanes Irma and Maria the reorganization of park permits were reduced by more than a 3rd, and CCTPR did not make the cut. Currently just 20% of Yunque forest is open and accessible. We do have a mini Yunque experience outside of the official park which includes bathing and waterfalls but no hiking.

Do you offer group tours?

No, currently we do not have the operational staff to facilitate group tours – our tours are generally private in nature and we enjoy being able to offer a great experience to families and groups of friends.

If you happen to make a new acquaintance during your time on the island and wish to invite them along on your tour this is absolutely fine as we charge by the hour and not by the number of people. Please remember that the maximum number of passengers per vehicle is eight (8)

What if I want to extend our tour time? Can I do this mid-tour?

Absolutely, if you’re having a great time (and we’ll be making sure you do!) and want to continue past your original booking just let us know and we’ll accommodate where possible.

Who covers the cost if you’re running behind schedule?

Any time in excess of quoted time by us is on us, you pay the agreed fee at the time of booking.

Where can you pick up from?

Our rate of $75.00 per hour per vehicle applies to tours originating from the San Juan metro area. If you are staying outside the San Juan metro area please contact us for a quote.

Can I smoke during the tour?

Smoking is prohibited inside our Charlie vehicles but we can take as many smoke-break stops as you require, just let us know.

Will wet weather or local traffic disruptions mean our tour will be cancelled?

Weather and traffic are beyond our control but we’ll certainly put in an extra prayer to the big guy upstairs to ensure any disruptions to your tour are minimal. We often have forecasts for rain, but don’t change your plans (we certainly won’t) as showers usually pass by very quickly.

Are there any excursions you don’t offer?

We do not offer BIO-BAY, Zip-lines, ATV, Horse-back riding or nautical activities. These attractions generally offer their own transportation. Our cup of tea is sightseeing, history, culture, cuisine, the arts, rain forest, coffee, a few caves and lots of FUN!

Are there any official tour operator quality standards I should look out for?

Your excursion chauffeur/host or tour operator should possess a Puerto Rico Tourism Company category ETID. These letters can be found right under his or her picture on their identification card. If you hire a TAXI TURÍSTICO he or she is not obligated to have this category but if they do, then good for you. In most cases, smaller independent excursion/tour operators are able to provide that extra personalized care that you deserve so don’t let any large excursion or tour service strong-arm you!
Call PRTC 1-800-866-7827 or chat and report any misconduct. Positive feedback is always welcomed.
CCTPR is registered with Puerto Rico Tourism Co.
CCTPR is a ‘SUPER HOST’ – This new breed of excursion providers who must go through rigorous credential checks, continuing education courses and be fully bilingual. (English & Spanish)

Do I need to tip you?

Sooner or later this had to come up; in my early years I drove a medallion cab in the Big Apple. My honest opinion is that a tip should be earned for exceptional service and good attitude. A tip is a gratuity – a gift customarily given with the understanding that there’s no obligation to do so.

Please be advised local sales tax is 11.5 percent.

Does Puerto Rico include daylight saving time?

No, Puerto Rico does NOT set its clock backward or forwards.