Discover Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico has deep historical and cultural roots. D, discovered by Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to Las Americas on the 19th of November 1493, if you have a few minutes, go to these links where you will find loads of useful information: and

Warm and friendly people

You will find us a very hospitable, warm and friendly people, and for the festival and culture seekers, this is a place where you can really mingle with the locals.

Every single one of the 78 municipalities celebrates its anniversary and patronage to a Saint with a FIESTA PATRONALES which usually lasts between 3 to 7 days throughout the year. All kinds of festivities take place, from the crowning of pageant winners, parades, roadside games of chance, competitions and marathons. You will also find a large collection of typical food vendors, live music and artists showing their work alongside indigenous arts and crafts. Roaming around these festivals alone is so much fun!

So much to do

Each municipality also offers a piece of its very own culture including its architecture, churches, plazas, museums, monuments, natural attractions and celebrations of different types of festivals and carnivals in honor of Saints, historical figures, poets, types of music, foods, instruments and much more. We observe 21 local and stateside holidays so there is always time to chill out and relax…on a lonely beach, laying on a beach towel…or high in the mountains in a hammock, letting the ocean breeze help you to unwind.

Adventures for all

With an average annual temperature of 82 degrees, the weather is perfect and provides plenty of opportunities to have fun outdoors. Whatever your interests, there is always something to do, taking into account adventure, culture, festivals/carnivals seeking and mingling with the locals. Having done a little bit of sky-diving tandem jumping myself, I’m pretty much up for organizing whatever takes your fancy. This little island in the Caribbean has a gigantic heart and visitors from all around the world just love to hear its beat, dance to its rhythm and bathe in its warmth.